Your team's community of trusted employees

Empower your top employees to build out a formidable talent pool for your company. Our approach amplifies your referral program, uncovering hidden gems in the extended network of your current team.

Your referral program on steroids

Launch in minutes

We take care of setup & scaling, so you can focus on what matters: closing top talent.

Only top talent

Every candidate you see is part of your extended endorsement network.

Save money

Hire by Trust is radically cheaper than talent sourcing alternatives.

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How it works


Get started in minutes

We set up your company profile and jobs for you, so you only need to check over the information before it goes live.


Invite top performers to the platform

Invite top talent both on your current team as well as external to the company to groups that can access different jobs.


We make your jobs go viral!

Hire by Trust offers incentives for the people you invite to continue inviting top talent to your employee groups.


Hire with higher efficiency

You don’t have to spend any time searching through profiles. We vet and send you every qualified candidate.