Passive income for employees

You can make referrals directly or rely on passive income features to set it and forget it.
You can simply share a signup link with groups of trusted friends to invite them into groups for your company. This lets them apply to jobs or invite more people to the group!

Designed for you

Fast to join

There is no profile to fill out because we are 100% focused on referrals.

Zero spam

Companies only see you if you express interest in one of their open positions.

Easy money

Earn $1,000 - $10,000 whenever someone you invite gets a new job.

How it works


Companies kick off hiring efforts

It’s as simple as posting jobs with bounties and inviting team members to groups get the process started.


Employees invite friends

Employees can then invite the top people they know to the company groups. Members of groups can apply to jobs with two clicks.


Browse positions if you’re job hunting

Discover companies that include you in their groups. Apply with 1 click. The company will then see your profile and get in touch.


Everyone gets paid

For each hire, the bounty is paid to whoever invited the person who got hired to the group. Bounties range from $1,000 to $10,000 per person.